The results that will be developed during the project duration are the following:

  • joint curriculum and educational philosophy;
  • training content with e-learning platform;
  • blueprint for the implementation of circular economy in manufacturing sectors.

course of the crocems project

Project results

Joint curriculum and educational philosophy

Considering the necessary areas of knowledge and the pedagogical methodologies, the curriculum will be prepared and optimized to fit the variety of target users:

  • HE students and VET students coursing manufacturing-related subjects;
  • current and future workers;
  • low-skilled workers, sustainability managers;
  • production line managers, unemployed.

Joint curriculum Educational philosophy

Training content with e-learning platform

This project result includes the development of all the didactic materials and will comprise 6 modules:

  • Collaborative Robotics Basics – Modular Design & Behaviour;
  • Sustainability & Circular Economy in Manufacturing Sectors;
  • Lean Robotics Methodology;
  • Circular Business Models for Waste Management;
  • Circular Strategy Mapping & Value Networks for Waste Management;
  • Product Deployment Cycle & Ecodesign.

Training content

Blueprint for the implementation of circular economy in manufacturing sectors

CROCEMS blueprint will be based on a common vision, based on a set of principles for the conversion of those HE/VET programmes, where CROCEMS outcomes could have an impact in 3 aspects:

  • alignment of educational policies between institutions / regions related to CROCEMS topic;
  • labour market skills intelligence;
  • ensuring the relevance of waste management and circular business models in manufacturing sectors, through the use of collaborative robotics, relevant stakeholders from different manufacturing sectors, regional and national policy makers and authorities from educational, sustainability and labour fields will establish this blueprint.