crocems project’s coordinator at edulearn congress 2024

CROCEMS Project’s Coordinator presented our initiative at EDULEARN Congress 2024.

Almudena Muñoz, the coordinator of our CROCEMS project, presented at the prestigious EDULEARN Congress 2024. This international Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, now in its 16th edition, provided an excellent platform for showcasing our innovative project.

Almudena’s paper, titled “EMPOWERING EUROPEAN MANUFACTURING: INTEGRATING COLLABORATIVE ROBOTICS AND CIRCULAR ECONOMY FOR SUSTAINABLE GROWTH“, was presented to an enthusiastic audience on Monday. Her presentation highlighted the critical role of re- and upskilling workers in new trends, such as the robotics and the waste management.

The EDULEARN Congress offered a unique opportunity for CETEM to gain valuable insights and strategies to engage more participants in the last part of the CROCEMS project, where piloting and the blueprint are the primary focus. We look forward to leveraging these insights to drive further success and impact in our mission.

crocems project’s coordinator presenting at edulearn congress 2024